Who are we?

This UK-wide epilepsy audit is being coordinated by Professor Tony Marson and Professor Mike Pearson of the University of Liverpool.

Tony Marson is a professor of neurology who specialises in epilepsy. Tony is the coordinating editor of the Cochrane epilepsy group, and is the chief investigator of the national Standard And New Antiepileptic Drug (SANAD II) study.

Mike Pearson is a professor of clinical evaluation and set up (and was Director of) The Clinical Effectiveness and Evaluation Unit (CEEu) of the Royal College of Physicians. Over a decade the CEEu had an established track record instituting a series of national audits including myocardial infarction, stroke, carotid endarterectomy, evidence based prescribing, COPD, lung cancer, continence, inflammatory bowel disease, blood transfusion, and palliative care. Each of these has been successful and has achieved national coverage in excess of most other audits in the UK and beyond.

The other members of the Steering Group are:
Professor Phil Smith - Representative for Wales and International League Against Epilepsy
Dr John Paul Leach - Representative for Scotland
Dr John Craig - Representative for Northern Ireland
Dr Paul Jarman - Representative for the Association of British Neurologists
Dr Colin Dunkley - Representative for the British Paediatric Neurology Association
Dr Stephen Nash - Representative for the College of Emergency Medicine
Dr Greg Rogers - GP with Special Interest in Epilepsy
Ms Melesina Goodwin - Representative for the Epilepsy Specialist Nurses Association
Ms Angie Pullen - Representative for Epilepsy Action

Ms Sarah Vibert - Representative for Epilepsy Society

Ms Jane Hanna - Representative for SUDEP Action
Dr Duncan Appelbe - Study IT Manager
Dr Jamie Kirkham - Study Statistician
Dr Pete Dixon - Study Coordinator
Mrs Hilary Crone - Study Administrator

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